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Our Brands

The Awesome Daily is an entertainment humor site that publishes funny memes, cool listicle articles and basically turns your every day into an AWESOME day!

Blaze Press is a cool design and photography blog covering the latest trends and innovations in the world of creativity.

Prime Wikis is an online gaming community and news site featuring walkthroughs, guides and latest news for both the casual and hardcore gamers.

The Geeks Daily is where geeks come to learn about the newest game or find that gadget they have been looking for. Being a geek has never been cooler.

Awesome Things offers these small gizmos and awesome little things you want to bring to every party, from a pool table that floats on water to a shower beer mug, we got them all.

The Mommy Daily is a one stop sop for moms everywhere to get the latest tips and advice on raising kids, family life and more.

Best Leggings Daily is the number one site for everything leggings. Find out the latest releases from all the major brands and shop your favorite fitness clothes in one place.

The Monitor Monitor covers the latest in PC monitors, graphic cards and other computer peripherals. Warning, this site is for serious PC builders and gamers only.

Games Crack is home for all your gaming crack needs. It also provides game advice and tricks for your favorite video or PC games.

Tech 25 is growing to be the largest tech entertainment site on the web. We publish lists of 25 things or facts about tech related issues or companies. Not news, only things that really interest real people.

Android Tipster is a leading brand in all things Android operating system and supporting mobile phones. With hardware and app reviews to how to guides so you can make the most of your experience.

Cash Card Hub is the #1 source for cash apps, debit cards and credit cards. We provide easy to understand guides and tutorials about cash cards and apps.

A growing food and recipes blog with a goal to literally, chew the world. One recipe at a time. On this site you will find thousands of recipes and food information at your fingers.

A one stop shop for everything tech. A team of geeks who live and breathe technology decided to start a blog, and this is the result.

With specific knowledge in Android rooting and similar, SaveGYD established itself as a leader in the niche

Stars Wiki
The Wikipedia of celebrities. All the info you would want to know about pretty much any person who is a celeb, or going to be a celeb.

Centurion Report
A group of gamers who literally sit around and play all day. The level of insight they provide on many popular games is brilliant and will be loved by any gamer.

Kids Activities
The biggest source online for kid activities ideas for both parents and teachers. You won’t find a better source, and that’s a promise.

Love Catalogue
The topic of love is so big, we needed to create a site just around that. Here you will find love and relationship advice from people who actually care, and have first hand experience.

Tech Factss
This site offers easy to understand guides on everyday issues related to PC’s, software and more.

Settings Base
was created with 1 goal and 1 goal only. We will provide the best settings for any device, or gadget or even some games you use and play every day.

Facts Just for Kids
This site is for students, teachers and parents who needs accurate facts for a variety of topics. We have facts about biology, health, history, physics, science and many other topics.

presents the most fascinating and mind-blowing stories on the web about sports generally and sports stars from their childhood days to date. Find the best information on our sports blog, rules of sports, recent biography facts, childhood, career, net worth and personal life of sports stars that you love.

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