Alony Media

Editorial Policy and Standards

Founded in 2013 officialy. Alony Media is committed to creating and publishing content that is helpful, positive and accurate to help all people with any issue. Our content teams are diverse and hold an expert level in their respective fields. They strive to create the best possible piece of content for every topic.

The Alony Media Promise

Our content teams are committed to our ONLY POSITIVE content strategy. Our writers, editors, fact checkers designers and all others who contribute to the creation of our epic content do this on a daily basis, some for years and do it with a smile. 

Positive only policy


Alony Media is on a mission to reduce the stress levels in the world, and we contribute by pledging to publish ONLY positive content that will never degrade, anger or leave our readers with a bad feeling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guide on Android phones, a fashion piece on leggings or a food recipe. Our writers will always put the mood of our readers at the top of their minds when creating the articles. That’s why you most likely find a light, sometimes even funny tone to our articles. 

We will never publish negative news, articles that promote negativity, or content that offends someone at any way. We are also a family safe publisher and will never publish adult content or anything that is not suitable for all ages. 

Fact Checking and accuracy 

Our writers do their very best at creating accurate information for our readers and they fact check, and test the info they publish to make sure it’s true and accurate. Either guides, informational or even just a funny articles with hilarious images. The team does its best to make the content on the best part possible. 

If you have noticed an issue you would like to bring to our attention, please let us know by emailing